Cardigan Bay Active


You can be assured that you are in safe hands when undertaking one of our exciting range of wet and dry activities.

We take the safety of our clients very seriously. With us taking care of ensuring safety at all times and looking ahead, you can just get on with enjoying the activity in a controlled environment. Whatever questions you might have, ranging from the knowledge of our staff to the equipment you use, you can be assured that your safety is our primary concern.

As well as enjoying the activities in their own time, our staff are trained and qualified in all of our provided activities. We use Adventure Beyond as an activity provider of exceptional expertise, and its staff are qualified to national level. In addition, all of our staff take part in regular company training, assessment and re-validation to ensure that we adhere to National Governing Body guidelines.

We are registered and licensed by AALS, the Adventure Activities Licensing Service, and hold a license for a range of wet, dry and combined outdoor activities.

AALS inspect the following aspects of our safety management;

  • Staff Training and Qualifications,
  • Equipment and Maintenance,
  • Normal/Standard Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Action Plans,
  • Risk Management,
  • Related Administration.

AALS also conducts spot checks on the delivery of our activities and our safety management systems.

All Activities are provided by Adventure Beyond which have the following accreditation:

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