Cardigan Bay Active

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers Cardigan Bay Active and its website.

  1. You can browse our site without disclosing any personal data to us. Any links to third party web sites are covered by the third parties privacy policies.
  2. We do not allow the automatic logging of your personal data in order to email you any advertisement literature, digitally or otherwise. At the point of making a booking you will be given the choice to opt in to be on our mailing list for future promotions and newsletter.
  3. We will only store information about you to allow us to proceed with your enquiry and in order to provide you with a service. Your information is held on our booking system which relates to the booking you have made, if you book in the future the system will add future booking to your name as a record of activities. We do not use this information or share this information for any reason, it is just a record log against activity bookings.
  4. We are required to record your medical information and any conditions you may have. Such information will be dealt with the utmost sensitivity and will only be allowed to be viewed by staff dealing or leading your trip.

All Activities are provided by Adventure Beyond which have the following accreditation:

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