Coasteering Cardigan

What is coasteering?

Coasteering was born here in West Wales, inspired by the rugged coastline of West Pembrokeshire. Coasteering is a journey along the tidal margin which combines a mix of swimming, scrambling and jumping. No two Coasteer's are ever the same—mind, waves and tide are constantly changing the sea conditions so you’re always guaranteed a unique journey.

Coasteering is an active journey along the tidal margin which presents challenges along the way. Using a mix of climbing, scrambling, leaping, traversing, swimming, sliding, ducking and jumping you will experience our wild coast through the zawns, gullies, caves, cliffs, reefs of the Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay coast.

Why coasteer with CBA?

Cardigan Bay Active provides both family and adult Coasteering sessions which allows us to cater for all the needs of your group.

Our qualified, local instructors will lead your group into areas of the coast which would be inaccessible unless you give it a go, giving you the opportunity to see spectacular geology and marine life in untouched habitats.

We split our Coasteering adventures to cater for family groups with young children and the older and perhaps more adventurous to ensure that nobody is pushed outside what they feel comfortable doing, and provide a safe and enjoyable experience no matter what your age ability and experience.

Coasteering cliff jump
Happy Coasteering at Moylgrove Cardigan
Coasteering Pembrokshire

Minimum Age 8 Adult sessions 14+
Cost £45

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