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Sea Kayaking

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Why sea kayak? 

We’re blessed with some of the most impressive coastline in the west. High cliffs, islands, caves and of course the resident bottlenose dolphin pod makes our sea kayaking one of our firm favourite activities.

A popular activity, that allows you to visit the world in which dolphins and seals have their fun. Sea kayaking in Pembrokeshire is one of the best ways to see Britain’s only coastal national park.

What happens? 

After you are taught to basics of paddling the kayak and given time to practice, the instructor will then take you out into the sea. No two sea kayaking sessions are ever the same—wind, waves and tide are constantly changing the sea state so you’re always guaranteed a unique journey. Our qualified, local instructors will lead your group into areas of the coast which would be inaccessible any other way, giving you the opportunity to see spectacular geology and marine life in untouched habitats.

Our Sea Kayak sessions always adapt to the conditions on the day, so generally the trip is more of a tour in calm sea states and more of a surf/rock hopping type get-wet activity in more ‘lively’ conditions.

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Minimum: Age 8    Adult groups: 14+

Cost £45

We provide you with:

  • Kayak and Paddle 
  • Winter Wetsuit
  • Buoyancy aid 
  • Water Helmet 
  • Wetsuit Hood, Socks (depending on season)
  • Instructor 

We would like you to bring:

  • Your Own Trainers (or sensible footwear, which covers your feet and does not come off in the water)
  • Towel
  • Swim Wear (to go under the wetsuit)
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All Activities are provided by Adventure Beyond which have the following accreditation:

Certifications WiSe Scheme Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group Duke of Edinburgh's Award Approved Provider Adventure Activities Licensing Authority Certification