River Kayaking

Kayaking lesson

River Kayaking with CBA or as we like to call it Run the Rapid

Our run the rapids sessions are perfect for an exhilarating family day out. The session starts on the lake and moves onto the river once you're ready. We use sit on top kayaks as it means you can get off and on much easier.

On the river you will be introduced to more advanced concepts like breaking in and out of moving water and helped to improve your boat control. The fact that we use sit on top type kayaks makes this activity accessible to people who have had no previous experience of paddling whitewater or even a kayak. This is a guaranteed get wet activity and the likelihood of capsizing the kayak is high but there is NO risk of getting stuck inside the craft.

Sea kayaking playing with waves rock hopping
Kayaking near Cardigan
Kayaking falling in no drama

Suggested age 10+ but you will know your little ones better

We provide you with:

All required safety equipment for your Session. Wetsuit, Buoyancy aid, Helmet, (Wetsuit, hood, gloves, socks depending upon season ).

Qualified Kayak Instructor.


We would like you to bring:

Sensible footwear which will get wet (if you are unsure please ask). We recommend old trainers, we will bring a assortment of old ones but can not guarantee they will fit.


Bather's to go under the wetsuit

Sun cream (yes, even in Wales)

Camera (optional) We can not guarantee it will stay dry or safe.

After kayaking down through the rapids we walk back up the path to the start and run the trip a second time, time dependant of course but most of the time it is possible to get in two or more runs. Then we return to the start where we left the cars. This requires some effort to carry the boats back up the track, typically people do this in pairs to make it easier.

Can we do the Activity in the rain?

Yes - Kayaking can be done in the rain.

What happens the river levels get really high?

If we have a lot of rain and the river levels increase and we feel it would make the session not very good or unsafe we will change it to White water rafting so you can still have a great time out.

Can we change our Activities?

Yes, you would just need to let us know in advance, and the more notice you give us the more flexible we can be.

Can I wear contact lenses or glasses?

Yes: people do where contact lenses and say its ok but I don't where them so just go on others word. Glasses can be worn but its best to have a leash attached. If they fall off or get broken we can not be held responsible. If they are important to your driving think wisely before taking on session.

What group sizes can you accommodate?

Large and small groups can be accommodated please contact us for more information.

Do we need to be able to swim?

No it is unnecessary we provide you with enough floating kit that all you need to do is move your arms to move around if you fall in. 

Do you have equipment to fit all sizes?

Yes - we have a wide range of sizes in all of our equipment. Before you head out on your activities our Instructors will ensure that all equipment fits correctly and they'll make any necessary changes.

What if I have a medical condition?

Our Instructors are trained to deal with different situations, so we can easily accommodate people with diabeties, asthma, mild epilepsy, autism and more. Please contact us if you have any questions. If you require a waterproof container to bring medication please let us know in advance.


The Wetsuits are made out of Neoprene which is a synthetic rubber.

We clean the Wetsuits with disinfectant which:

  • Does NOT contain harmful Phenols, Aldehydes or Alcohol
  • Is NON-toxic, NON-staining, NON-tainting and a NON-irritant at all working dilutions
  • Is kind to the environment, as it is water-based and biodegradable
  • Is manufactured in the United Kingdom and efficacy tested by recognised UK laboratories

Coached sessions

We are able to offer kayaking for the more experienced kayakers or those wishing to be coached to a higher level. This can be adapted to suit your needs it would be best to contact us so we can make the best plan for you/your group.

We often use various rivers depending upon your previous experience.

A fun and exciting kayaking experience using sit on top kayak to negotiate the grade 2+ rapids at Llandysul which have produced world class slalom paddlers. You will be given coaching by one of our BCU qualified guides on the lake where you will acquire all the skills you need including forward, reverse and turning strokes to enable you to make the right moves on the white water.

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