Canoe Trips

Canoeing Cardigan Gorge, Nature reserve

Session Details
Our guided canoe trip is a relaxed trip down the river Teifi
Duration: 3 - 5 Hours, this depends on the river flow and how quick you wish to paddle.
Sesion times: 0930 -1230/1430 (and 1000 - 1300/1500 during summer holidays) (arrivals to farewells)
Distance: 7.10 KM
Location: We will send the meeting location in the conformation email
Minimum age: None

Adverse condition

If the river is to high to make a safe trip we will adapt the session or change to an alternative session. We can still do the trip in the rain, please bring waterproof or umbralla just incase.

What to bring / wear?
We will provide you with a buoyancy aid, paddle, dry container for your packed lunch. (This is not completely waterproof, so beware of bringing items which will break if they get wet)

You will need to bring:

  • Packed lunch
  • Shoes which may get wet
  • Aproptate clothing for the conditions
  • warm cloths
  • water proofs
  • sun hat
  • sun cream
  • sun hat
  • water
  • Swim ability:

    None requried, please let us know if you may struggle in the unfortunate event you get to close to the fish

    Canoeing with CBA

    Embark on an extraordinary Adventure Canoe Trip along the captivating lower Teifi River, from Llechryd to Cardigan, amidst the scenic beauty of West Wales. Delve into a tranquil journey through the gorge, surrounded by the Teifi marshes, as our knowledgeable guides regale you with captivating stories of the area's history and wildlife.

    During this immersive experience, we invite you to bring a packed lunch and take a moment to relish the peaceful surroundings at a serene spot along the river. With its diverse ecosystem where fresh and salt waters converge, the tidal Teifi Gorge boasts a rich array of species, creating a truly unique aquatic landscape shaped by ancient glaciers.

    This remarkable gorge offers safe and leisurely open canoe paddling suitable for all ages and skill levels. Glide along the lazy river, passing by ancient woodlands and abundant wildlife habitats, making it a must-do activity during your holiday.

    As one of the finest examples of a tidal gorge nationwide, the Teifi Gorge provides a secure and awe-inspiring setting for your entire family to enjoy an exciting new sport. The steep, wooded banks teem with otters, red deer, peregrine falcons, kingfishers, dragonflies, and various fish species. Once vital for coracle fishing and slate quarrying, the gorge is now part of the Teifi Marshes nature reserve, offering a stunning and untouched environment for canoeing enthusiasts.

    For a glimpse of the breathtaking location before booking, you'll be delighted to know that it was featured on the first episode of Autumnwatch 2022. We had the pleasure of taking Iolo Williams on a mesmerizing river excursion, and you can relive the experience on iPlayer.

    Join us for an unforgettable Adventure Canoe Trip and discover the tranquility and natural wonders of the untamed Teifi Gorge. Book your extraordinary journey now!

    Canoe trip great day out

    No minimum age: no experience is necessary, you can even bring a well-behaved dog!

    For our canoe trips, if you don't mind having a little one who doesn't do much paddling in your boat, our buoyancy aids start for babies 3-10kg.

    We provide you with:

    • All required safety equipment for your session (canoe, paddle, buoyancy aid)
    • Qualified Canoe Instructor
    • Splash-proof container for you to put your things in

    We would like you to bring:

    • Old trainers or similar (your feet will get wet!)
    • Packed lunch; however, it is possible to buy lunch at the wildlife centre if you prefer
    • Waterproof jacket/trousers (just in case)
    • Warm jacket (just in case)
    • Water to drink
    • Sun cream (yes, even in Wales!)
    • Camera (optional) We cannot guarantee it will stay dry
    • Face covering for the shuttle run back to your vehicle

    We meet you at the start location where you leave your vehicle during the trip. After the trip, we will give the driver a lift back to the start. Don't forget your face covering!

    How stable are canoes?

    They are stable but will require a few minutes to get used to the movement.

    Can they be made more stable as we are nervous?

    Yes, we can join two canoes together to make a really stable boat.

    Can a canoe turn upside down?

    Yes, but this is not common. Don't worry though, nearly always people fall off the side before the canoe tips.

    Can we change our activities?

    Yes, you would just need to let us know in advance, and the more notice you give us, the more flexible we can be.

    Can I wear contact lenses or glasses?


    Is there 'disabled access'?

    The way down the canoe launch is about 20ft and on rough ground. However, we have taken people who are wheelchair-bound by helping where asked. We do our best to accommodate your wishes to make things happen.

    What group sizes can you accommodate?

    Large and small groups can be accommodated. Please contact us for more information.

    Do we need to be able to swim?

    No, it is unnecessary. You should stay in the canoe, but if you are nervous, we can join two canoes together to make a stable craft.

    Do you have equipment to fit all sizes?

    Yes, we have a wide range of sizes in all of our equipment. Before you head out on your activities, our instructors will ensure that all equipment fits correctly, and they'll make any necessary changes. Our buoyancy aids are suitable for babies from 3kg right through to 4XL adult.

    What if I have a medical condition?

    Our instructors are trained to deal with different situations, so we can easily accommodate people with diabetes, asthma, mild epilepsy, autism, and more. Please contact us if you have any questions. If you require a waterproof container to bring medication, please let us know in advance.

    Can we do the activity in the rain?

    Yes, all water activities can be done in the rain.

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