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Bushcraft with CBA

Fancy yourself as a survivor? Think you could hack it in the woods?

Then why not come down and try out your survival skills with one of our Hairy Experts!

Fast becoming a Cardigan Bay Active favourite, our bushcraft sessions are designed to give you the basic skills required to living in the outdoors. There is no better way to reconnect with nature and experience first-hand the skills which have helped man live with the elements for thousands of years.

We’ll show you how to start a fire, using various methods, using flint and striker, safe use of accelerants, how to build and maintain a fire for warmth, cooking, purifying water whilst being safe and sympathetic to the surroundings.

Essential to outdoor living is the safe use of the knife and axe. We aim to introduce you to these important tools in a controlled safe setting where you will learn how to hold, use and pass the knife to others. Whilst making feather sticks for your fire or a support for you pan you will come to realise how important it is in the wild.

Bushcraft Boiling water challenge
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Fire by friction

Minimum Age 6
Cost £30pp

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